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Practical / Clinical Training

CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES & RESEARCH,(CCAMR) conducts a unique and essential training for learning the latest art and techniques of examining patients. The ideal course for all students and novice practitioners of any systems of medicine, one is taught how to check up the patients, conduct physical examinations, read laboratory reports, check the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, pulse, and to use a stethoscope & blood pressure instruments etc. Training is available in major alternative therapies practiced in India and abroad and for paramedical courses also.
Attendance at the Practical / Clinical Training Programme is NOT COMPULSORY.
A certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete the programme. Practitioners of any system of medicine and students are welcome to join the programme.
The training commences on the 5th of every month (If the 5th is a Holiday, then the next working day). The CCAMR allows the students to break up their training also in which case trainings can be attended in short durations of 3 - 5 days also over a period of months should the candidate be unable to attend the entire length of the training at one time.

Practical / Clinical Training is of two types as below:

i. Clinical Training on General Medicine Application:
It covers:
1. Checking up patients
2. Systematic Examination
3. Radiological and Physical Investigations
4. First Aid and
5. Concept of Holistic Health.
The fee towards Clinical Training on general medicine application is Rs. 10,000/-.

ii. Practical Training in a Specific Alternative Therapy:

(The list of therapies in which training is available currently are as below)
It covers Introduction to the therapy, knowledge about its practical aspects and application.
The fee towards Practical Training in each therapy is Rs. 10,000/- except Acupuncture for which the fees is Rs. 10,000.
1. Acupressure
2. Acupuncture (Rs. 10,000/-)
3. Aromatherapy
4. Crystal Healing
5. Electro Homoeopathy
6. Herbal Medicines
7. Magneto therapy
8. Massage Therapy
9. Naturopathy (Rs. 10,000/-)
10. Pranic Healing
11. Psychotherapy and Counselling
12. Pyramid Healing
13. Reiki
14. Yoga

a. Practical / Clinical Training Includes:
1. Slide show presentation on Human Body
2. Audio Visual Lecture
3. A complete Clinical Kit will be provided free of cost by the Board during the training period which contains the following items:-
(a) Clinical Note with Course File,
(b) Anatomy & Physiology Chart,
(c) Apron,
(d) Stethoscope,
(e) Metal Badge of CCAMR,
(f) Note Book,
(g) Pen,
(h) Class Photograph,
(I) Thermometer
b. On completion of the training, the candidate shall be set a final exam, successful completion of which the students will be provided with a certificate of Practical / Clinical Training.

Personal Contact Programmes (PCP)

The CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES (CCAMR) organizes a free 5 day Personal Contact Programme every month commencing from the 1st (if the 1st is a holiday, then from the next working day) in its institution in MUMBAI, India for the benefit of students. These contact programmes are meant for counselling and clearing the doubts of the students and helping in their academic difficulties. Personal Contact Programmes are available for all courses conducted by the Board.
If students bring with them the recommended text books and the printed lessons received from the CCAMR, they will find the Personal Contact Programmes immensely useful. The students are expected to come prepared in the class in order to discuss their problems. The counseling sessions will include clarifications required in the print material and other related difficulties through active interaction with students.

Practitioner Registration - R.M.P.(A.M.)

The CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES (CCAMR grants registration in Alternative Medicines under Rule 7A on the basis of qualification and experience.

CATEGORIES OF PRACTITIONER REGISTRATION Qualified and experienced practitioners above the age of 30 can enroll as Senior Practitioner under Class I Registered Practitioner. (The students who have already successfully completed the Bachelor Certification Course from The CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES (CCAMR) are eligible to apply for Class I Registration)
ELIGIBILITY A practitioner having at least 3 years experience in any branch of alternative medicines.
Diploma / Bachelor / Postgraduate Certificate holders of the The CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES (CCAMR).
Diploma / degree holders of any authentic institution.
BENEFITS The Registered Practitioner would be declared a person qualified to practice and shall not be convicted or punished by any Government in India.
He/she will also be eligible to issue Medical Certificates. These rights are mentioned on the Registration Certificate also.
MINIMUM AGE Applicants for registration who are not Certificate holders of The CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES (CCAMR) should be a minimum of 21 years .
REQUIREMENTS Three passport size photographs.
One Experience Certificate of a minimum of 3 years from a Registered Doctor/MLA/ MP/Sarpanch/Gazetted Officer or a Xerox copy of the Diploma / Bachelor / Postgraduate Certificate awarded by the The CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES (CCAMR) or any authentic institution.
One Character Certificate from a respectable person
Ordinary Registered Practitioners Fees Class I Registered Practitioners
Rs. 26,900
Ordinary Registered Practitioners
Rs. 18,900
Fees are non-refundable

You will get the following documents within 30 days from the date of receipt of the form and fees:
The registration certificate duly affixed with the Special Adhesive Stamp as per the order of the concerned authority of the Government.
Identity Card
Copy of the Rules of the The CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES (CCAMR) under which Registration is issued.
Copy of the Code of Conduct.
General Information: The total Fees should be sent along with photocopies of your qualification certificates (academic qualifications), two passport size photographs and the filled in form.
Fee is non-refundable.
All remittances (fees, etc.) should be sent by Cash / M.O. / Draft payable to CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES & RESEARCH / CCAMR Academy OR HOLY ANGELS COLLEGE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES
Procedure for Admission: The total Fees should be sent along with photocopies of your qualification certificates, two passport size photographs and the filled in form. Fee is non-refundable. Fees should be sent by Cash / M.O. / Draft payable to CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES & RESEARCH.(CCAMR) CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES & RESEARCH.MUMBAI –BORIVALI.