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About the President of Central Council of Alternative Medicines and Research ( CCAMR )

Dr. Pravin Bhatia – Purecha,widely regarded as the pioneer of the holistic medical movement in India, the Founder - President of Central Council of Alternative Medicines and Research ( CCAMR ).
An internationally renowned practitioner of alternative medicine, Dr. Pravin Bhatia – Purecha is also an organizer, visionary, author and teacher.
Right from the initial stage of his education he recognized the value of treating "the whole person" consisting of the physical aspect of the individual as is the practice with modern medicine. After studying the different systems of medicine, Dr. Pravin Bhatia – Purecha came to the conclusion that the various system needed to be integrated to be render more effective and humane. This could be accomplished by evolving a holistic system of treatment and practicing a holistic life style.

It is especially in such a context that alternative medicines are relevant as they are cost- effective medical service for one and all. It has the advantage of being far more inexpensive than modern medicine, has virtually no side-effects, is more acceptable to people because of their ancient, times-tested prescriptions and are inherently holistic in that these system treat the human being as a whole and not just the physical body.
He is the Associate Director of Global Peace University – U.S.He is Chairman of Holy Angels College Of Alternative Medicines and Research,MUBAI – INDIA, participated in number of national and international conferences organized by government and non- government organizations in India.his name having become synonymous with alternative medicines in India. Dr.Pravin Bhatia – Purecha has organized a number of successful national and international conferences which were greatly successful having received the blessings and well wishes.