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Code of Ethics/Conduct

The code of Ethics framed by the CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES AND RESEARCH (INDIA) are as follows:

Duties of Practitioners In General:
1. A practitioner must always maintain the highest standards of professional conduct towards. both the individual and society.
2. A practitioner must not allow himself to be influenced merely by motives or profit.
3.The following practices are deemed unethical:
(a) The self advertisement except such as is expressly authorized by the code of ethics.
(b) Taking part in any plan of medical care in which the practitioner does not have professional independence.
(c) To receive any funds in connection with services rendered to a patient other than the acceptance of a proper professional fee. or to any money in the same circumstances without the knowledge of the patient. such as commissions. kick-backs and gifts.
4.Under no circumstances is a practitioner permitted to do anything that would weaken the physical or mental resistance of a human being. except for strictly therapeutic or prophylactic indications imposed in the interest of the patient.
5.A practitioner is advised to use great caution in publishing discoveries. The same applies to methods of treatment whose value is not yet recognised by the profession at large.
6.When a practitioner is called upon to give evidence in court on a legal matter or issue a certificate, he should only state that which he can verify. No hearsay should by included.

Duties of the Practitioner to the patient:
A practitioner must always bear in mind the importance of preserving all life from the -time of conception until death.
A practitioner owes to his patient complete loyalty and all the resources of his therapy.
Whenever an examination or treatment is beyond his capacity he should summon another practitioner, who has the necessary ability, immediately.
A practitioner owes to his patient absolute secrecy on all events which have been confided to him or which he knows because of the confidence entrusted to him.
A practitioner must give the necessary treatment in an emergency. unless he is assured that it can and will be given by another in due time.
Every patient has the right to expect a complete and thorough examination of his disorder and that accurate records will be kept.
A practitioner should unceasingly, in the interests of his patients. improve his knowledge and skill continuously.

Duties of Practitioners to Each Other
A practitioner ought to behave towards his colleagues to create mutual trust.
A practitioner must not entice patients from his colleagues.
A practitioner must observe all the principles and guidelines laid down by CENTRAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES AND RESEARCH (INDIA).